Once Upon A Time, in a land far far away, a band of creative misfits were having an impromptu discussion about how to take over the world through the medium of theatre.

Our story starts in the depths of Buckinghamshire one Friday night in August. After watching a particularly excellent performance of a Lionel Bart classic, 3 creative individuals, who had all in some way contributed a part to said production, sat down over a glass of something cold and dared to mutter the words, “so, what’s next?”

After many serious conversations about Doctor Who, 5ive and Back to the Future all being turned into musicals, the topic then turned to the sombre subject of the fact that High Wycombe would not be having its annual youth theatre this year.
“A travesty!” cried one, “a catastrophe!” cried another, “so what shall we do about it?” the most ambitious one replied...

And here we are, many conversations and crazy ideas later, Renegade Youth Theatre was born! Fronted by a team that have worked together for over 4 years we bring our experience and expertise that spans the decades and the globe to focus on providing the best Youth Theatre Production that Buckinghamshire (and almost certainly the world) has ever seen.

With our debut show choice at the forefront of our minds, what better way to bring Youth Theatre back from the dead - than with a musical about a Zombie!

This fast paced, high energy, rock and roll teen musical is most certainly one not to be missed so come and be a part of Renegade Youth Theatre’s bid to take over the theatre world!!

See you at the show from February 26th to 28th!




Mark Jones, Chloé James and Anna Saunders



youth theatre